Chellaston Library

The project comprised of the construction of a new library in Chellaston, Derbyshire. Star M&E Solutions (SMES) were appointed the sub-contractor on behalf
of Derby City Council to carry out the installation of all electrical & mechanical services. The associated works comprised the installation, connection, testing,
commissioning and setting to work the complete building services installation as follows:


Distribution switchgear
Small power distribution
Lighting systems
Fire detection
Data systems
Alarm / door access
LTHW heating installation
MCW service installation
HWS system
Ventilation systems
Plumbing & Sanitary Ware


A new BMS control panel was supplied to power and control the heating and hot water services. The panel contains integral Trend BMS IQ3 controls and fascia
mounted touch screen IQview display panel for local adjustment of system parameters.


A Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) heating installation was supplied to meet the heating requirements of the new library. The system comprises of 2 no Sanyo Heat Pumps providing low carbon emissions and a renewable heat source. The
system is supported by a Broag high efficiency wall mounted condensing boiler, should additional heat be required.

Heating in the library was provided by trench heating around the perimeter of the library area, whilst heating to the office area is by low surface temperature radiators. All radiators are complete with thermostatic mixing valves. Solar and natural ventilation was used in the toilet, corridor and store room areas eliminating the use of electric lighting through daylight hours. To further

enhance energy savings, the use of automatic switching, based on minimum Lux levels was also installed.

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  • Derby City Council
  • £200,000
  • March 2010
  • CJR Midland Ltd / Faithfull & Gould
Chellaston Library